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Women’s rights are in peril due to Hamas’ repressive rule in Gaza. Since taking over Gaza in 2007, Hamas has established draconian Islamic regulations that drastically curtail women’s rights and reinforce gender inequity. Through Hamas’ perverted view of Islam, institutionalized sexism that oppresses women is imposed. This amounts to a serious violation of women’s human rights, which demands immediate attention on a worldwide scale.


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women in Gaza lack the freedom to control their bodies

Hamas uses legislation that discriminates against women, enforces stringent social norms, and the oppression of women in both public and private life, in order to carry out their Islamist ideology. Under Hamas authority, women in Gaza lack the freedom to control their bodies, movements, education, work, and family issues. Despite Hamas’ assertions that it is fighting Israel’s occupation, their dictatorial practices only serve to further oppress women who are under their control.

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women’s rights violations

The difficulties and challenges that are being faced by women living under Hamas on a daily basis provide distressing proof of the strong gender bias that is institutionalized in legislation. Coerced religious conservatism, isolation from civic life, a lack of protection from assault and limited economic engagement, all undermine the essential dignity of women. Human rights groups from all over the globe have denounced these violations of women’s rights in Gaza as an insult to the idea of equality.

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Women’s liberation and equal rights are necessary components of real justice for the Palestinian people. However, Hamas continues to trample on the lives of women with impunity. We cannot allow their sexist fundamentalism to endure. Human rights demand immediate support for the downtrodden women under Hamas’ brutal rule. Women’s rights advocates from throughout the world must support Gaza’s women as they fight for freedom and dignity.

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