She died while saving lives.



By elyasaftw / Instagram

While Hamas terrorists came from the sky, from the ground, to a party attended by thousands of Israelis who were just celebrating life and dancing until their feet bled. While they were shooting indiscriminately, where every Jew is a target, slaughtering, murdering. While everyone fled, there was one person who stayed.

Liron Barda, may her memory be a blessing. She performed tourniquets, gave injections, amidst all the chaos she did everything except the one thing logic says to do, run, flee, escape from death. Liron saved as many lives of others as she could until her life was taken from her.

Liron is a hero. She is the complete opposite of those who murdered her. While they sanctify death, she sanctified life.

I hope she is now resting in a suite in paradise. Where she most deserves to be, and rests in peace.”


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