Monsters: Yahya Sinwar and Hamas kidnapped 150+ children and women.



The developments that took place following the tragic events on October 7, 2023, in Israel. On that fateful day, hundreds of Hamas gunmen infiltrated the settlement and caused the destruction of Israelis, losses and kidnappings. Innocent civilians, including families with small children and pregnant women, were caught in the crossfire, changing their lives forever.

On the morning of October 7, the peace of the Israeli communities was seen to be shattered by the wailing war sirens at exactly 6:30 am. Hamas broke through the fence in the morning and started attacking helpless people. They showed no mercy as homes were breached, and families found themselves under siege. Tragically, those who celebrated Simchat Torah in the southern regions, a holiday in the State of Israel, did not return home, their fate changed forever. They went out to a party and experienced horrors. Some are still unknown if they are dead, others have been confirmed as casualties, some have been brutally taken hostage.

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In the midst of the chaos and brutality, some of the attackers chose to document their heinous actions, and capture through their witnesses’ moments of horror, pain and vulnerability. These photos and videos, documenting the scenes of agony they caused, were then uploaded to various media company platforms. The world looked on in shock and disbelief as these individuals laughed and smiled, reveling in the suffering of the helpless.

As the conflict continues, a new and very disturbing discovery has been made. Since the beginning of the war, Hamas has continued to hold dozens, if not hundreds, of innocent civilians’ hostage in Gaza, including children, mothers with babies and the elderly. What makes this situation even more chilling is the complete lack of information about the names and conditions of these captives.

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Two days have passed since the start of the war and Hamas is keeping these details with it.

This act is a serious war crime in direct violation of international law and the principles underlying the rules of war.

The tactics employed by Hamas in this ongoing hostage crisis bear haunting similarities to the methods of terror-using groups such as ISIS. Like ISIS, Hamas has shown a willingness to use innocent civilians as pawns in their political and military agenda. Holding hostages deliberately endangers innocent lives and violates the principles of humanity and compassion that should guide actions on conflicts.

The grim reality of the hostage crisis requires an urgent and decisive response from the international community. These blatant actions by Hamas must be unequivocally condemned, and the world must unite in demanding transparency, accountability and justice. Identifying and apprehending the perpetrators of these war crimes is of the utmost importance. Furthermore, every effort must be made to secure the release of these innocent people who have been unjustly taken hostage.

In conclusion, as the conflict continues to unfold, it is important that the world does not turn a blind eye to the atrocities committed against innocent civilians. The actions of Hamas, reminiscent of the tactics used by terrorist groups such as ISIS, serve as a striking reminder of the urgent need to uphold the principles of international law and human rights. The world must unite in condemning these war crimes and work tirelessly to bring to justice those who were unjustly imprisoned.


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