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Hate, fear and persecution the life of the LGBQT community under Hamas

LGBT discrimination in Gaza under Hamas leadership is a pressing human rights issue which has to be addressed on a worldwide scale. An Islamist fundamentalist party known as Hamas, which has ruled over Gaza since 2007, opposes LGBTQ identities and severely persecutes LGBTQ people. The brutal persecution of LGBTQ Gazans by Hamas offends fundamental standards of human decency and exposes the extreme bigotry that underpins their ideology.

Homosexuality is formally classified as a crime by Hamas, carrying a maximum 10-year prison sentence. LGBTQ people are frequently detained by Hamas security agents on the pretext of “moral misconduct” without a trial. Those who are imprisoned experience painful torture, including sexual assault and electrocution, in an effort to extract false confessions. Many prisoners who are released from custody experience public humiliation, harassment, death threats, and honor killings by vigilantes or family members. LGBTQ Gazans are silenced by this atmosphere of terror and are compelled to hide their relationships and identities in order to stop additional harm.

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Homophobic culture

Beyond actual physical and sexual abuse, Hamas fosters a larger homophobic culture that makes it possible for LGBTQ people to be persecuted across Gaza. Hamas leaders frequently demonize homosexuality in fiery sermons, lectures, and propaganda. They depict LGBTQ individuals as in moral decline, Israeli infiltration, and Western decadence’s corrupting agents. This harmful ideology inhibits any open LGBTQ activity or self-expression and justifies violence against LGBTQ Gazans. Under Hamas rule, civil society organizations or networks supporting LGBTQ people cannot operate freely or securely.

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Everyone deserves freedom

Through a fanatical interpretation of Islam that views homosexuality as a heinous sin and a crime, Hamas defends its homophobic rule. However, several modern Muslim academics have argued against the notion that Islam fundamentally condemns homosexuality and are in favor of accepting LGBTQ individuals. The wide range of Islamic viewpoints is not represented by the extreme ideology of Hamas. Their brutal implementation of religious law in Gaza serves only to strengthen authoritarian rule, not to uphold any genuine spiritual virtue.

In Gaza, the LGBTQ community faces constant discrimination. They are entrapped under the dictatorship of Hamas and have nowhere to turn for assistance or justice. LGBTQ individuals don’t even have the most fundamental rights to openly organize or speak up for their community, unlike other oppressed groups. They remain silent and face their predicament in solitude.

International human rights groups have urged immediate pressure on the world to change Hamas’ abusive behavior and respect the fundamental dignity of LGBTQ Gazans. Hamas, however, has mostly disregarded these requests and has carried on indefinitely harassing the LGBTQ community. They believe they have uncontrolled authority and behave accordingly.

It is no longer acceptable to overlook or rationalize Hamas’ oppression of LGBTQ people in Gaza. Their extremist ideology does not justify depriving LGBTQ individuals of fundamental human rights. Everyone deserves freedom, respect, and safety under the law, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. The entire world must urge Hamas to end their heinous persecution of LGBTQ Gazans. The world must make it clear that Hamas’ treatment of LGBTQ people is intolerable, whether via diplomatic pressure, public outcry, or other means.

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