Hamas Escapees Speaking



Credit: Franklin Graham’s FB page

Mosab Hassan Yousef

The following Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood escapees offer rare insider perspectives on the Palestinian terrorist groups and about the way Palestinians are being raised and educated. Their firsthand experience shines a light on Hamas’ moral bankruptcy and how the organization exploits Palestinians, while the elites live in prosperity and wealth.  

Mosab Hassan Yousef, also known as “The Green Prince”, is the eldest son of Shiek Hassan Youssef, co-founder of Hamas. Yousef was born in Ramallah, The West Bank. He spent his youth throwing rocks at Israeli settlers and exposed to extreme indoctrination that was preached in mosques. 

As someone who defected from Hamas and converted to Christianity, he expressed his thoughts about how Hamas massacred the Israelis and told British TV that he was not surprised by Hamas’s brutality during the October 7 shock attack, but was surprised by how big it was. He also expressed his anger towards Hamas for using the Palestinian people as human shields, preventing them from evacuating, after the IDF has asked them to move south. He also criticized people that support “Free Palestine” who don’t even know what Palestine is. Everyone who takes their side today, in this state of confusion, is taking the side of Hamas criminals who are killing the Palestinian people.

Suheib Yousef

The second son of Hassan Yousef, Hamas co-founder, and the brother of Mossab Hassan Yousef. Just like his brother, Suheib recently left Hamas and escaped to an Asian country to tell his story. Suheib worked for the Turkish branch of Hamas, where the financial activity and intelligence activity takes place. Suheib says that in return for financial aid, Hamas sells information to Iran and does not really care about the Palestinian people. He revealed the luxury life of Hamas leaders who take advantage of the Palestinian people, using the financial aid to pay for their expensive life, while there are people in Gaza that are starving.  

 John Calvin

Credit: “Times of Israel” FB page

John Calvin was a teenage boy from an aristocratic family (in Palestinian terms), when he decided to convert to Christianity and to change his name. He chose the name John Calvin, after the French Theologian and pastor. Calvin did not expose his real name, as he feared his family would track him down and harm him.

Calvin came from a family that supported terror. His grandfather was the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Nablus, and his uncle was sentenced to 26 life terms in prison for launching suicide attacks on Israel.

His turning point began when he was sexually assaulted by a Muslim man during his imprisonment in Israel. The assistance, support, and compassion he received from the Israeli staff at the prison led him to change his mind about Jewish people. He realized they were not the monsters he had been conditioned to hate.

Calvin described growing up in an extremist household, quoting the Islamic oral tradition: “He who dies without having waged one attack for the sake of Islam has died an infidel.”


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