Gaza could Have Been Singapore. Hamas Turned It Into a living nightmare



This is what Palestinian human rights activist Bassem Eid has to say about Hamas.

Singapore and the Gaza Strip are both self-governing city-states with dense populations and significant urban buildup. However, Singapore has become a trade hub, while Gaza has become a terrorist dystopia.

Hamas’s rule over Gaza is a brutal and repressive dictatorship. This reality may help us understand the violence and brutality of the recent raid into southern Israel. Hamas’s tactics included killing indiscriminately, using rape as a weapon of war, and taking hostages. Many have drawn comparisons to ISIS tactics in Iraq and Syria.

Hamas’s Terrorist Campaign and the Consequences for Gaza

Hamas’s violence is not new. The terror group’s founding charter explicitly states its goal of destroying Israel. Hamas has repeatedly targeted civilians in its attacks, including music festivals, schools, and hospitals.

In contrast, Israel goes to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties. In a recent attack, a young paramedic pleaded for help as Hamas terrorists opened fire on the clinic where she was working.

Israel has vowed to retaliate against Hamas’s latest attacks, and there is discussion of a long war or even a ground invasion of Gaza. Some have even suggested that Israel end Hamas’s rule over the strip.

Hamas has a history of using its own people as human shields, and it is likely to do so again if Israel invades Gaza. This will lead to even more civilian casualties.

Here are some additional thoughts on the consequences of Hamas’s actions for Gaza:

  • A long war or Israeli ground invasion would lead to even more death and destruction in Gaza.
  • Hamas’s use of human shields would put even more civilians at risk.
  • A possible outcome of the conflict is the end of Hamas rule over Gaza. This would be a positive development for the Palestinian people, but it is unclear who would replace Hamas.
  • The conflict could also lead to a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, as the territory is already struggling to meet the needs of its population.

Finally, Israel is a thriving democracy with a free press and vigorous internal debates. In contrast, Hamas is a repressive dictatorship that crushes dissent. The people of Gaza yearn to be free of Hamas’s rule.


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